5 Reasons to Start a Career in Manufacturing: Updated 2023

career in manufacturing


If you’re in the market for a new job, instead of just taking any old job, consider a career in manufacturing. The manufacturing industry employs roughly 10 percent of the country and is a major leader in innovation and technology.

Manufacturing has continued to fuel the economy throughout the years, with job growth in manufacturing averaging 32,000 per month in 2022. With so many companies rapidly expanding, now is an ideal time to join this booming industry. Unsure if it’s the right move for you? We’ve compiled a list of five reasons to consider a career in manufacturing.

1. Tons of Entry-Level Opportunities

The vast majority of manufacturing companies are willing to train on the job and require no previous experience. This the perfect way to build your resume and learn new technical skills and abilities. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn other transferable and valuable skills–such as teamwork, time management, and problem-solving.

Not only are there many foot-in-the-door opportunities. but the manufacturing industry also provides many different options for you to work in. Manufacturing spans the spectrum of all sorts of areas. You may want to work in aerospace, textiles, plastics, or pharmaceuticals. The possibilities are endless–you can choose a field that interests you.

2. Tangible Results from Your Hard Work

In manufacturing, you’ll see clearly where your work adds value and why it matters. The products you’re working to create are real, tangible items that go out in the world. Plus, the industry is so vast that you could be creating anything–from plastic toys to airplanes. You can actually see things you made being applied in the world.

You’ll avoid the frustration of working on something that feels abstract and unimportant. It can be extremely rewarding to know that the work you do will impact the lives of other people.

3. There’s a Lot of Money to be Made in Manufacturing

A huge misconception of manufacturing jobs is that they don’t pay as well as other jobs–that is simply not true. They often pay higher than entry-level jobs in other industries. For example, on average, a production worker makes $3 more per hour compared to a cashier.

Jobs in manufacturing also typically offer overtime opportunities. It’s an effective way to make extra money on top of your steady income.

Retirement plans and healthcare benefits are common among manufacturing employers–making these jobs extremely desirable. Over 90% of manufacturing employees receive health benefits, which is more than most industries, the financial sector included.

4. Keeps You Active

Compared to a typical desk job where you’d likely spend the entire day sitting in one place, a job in manufacturing can keep you stimulated and fit. Typically, you’ll be performing various job duties that might involve being on your feet, stretching, bending, lifting, etc. This active aspect of manufacturing work not only helps you stay fit but can also prevent your days from feeling long and boring.

Now, this does not mean that every job will require you to lift 60 or more pounds regularly. Manufacturing is a large field and has a wide range of jobs. You might move products, assemble items, or operate machinery. You can select a position that has the right level of physical activity for you.

5. Several Avenues for Growth and Development

While a career in manufacturing may start out as an entry-level role, there are tons of opportunities available in the industry. Keep in mind that many companies prefer to promote from within.

Once your foot is in the door, you have the potential to grow into a leadership or management position in a wide range of departments. Show interest in the business you’re working for and work hard and you’ll pave the way to new opportunities in no time. This is the perfect opportunity to grow your career, develop a specialized skill set, and work towards higher-paying jobs.

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Whether you’re currently unemployed or you’re just not happy with your current job, why not give manufacturing a try? It might just be the perfect career path for you.